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My mission is to help people exactly like you to navigate the stresses of life calmly and successfully.

I will help you to get back to your usual self with less anxiety, higher self esteem and more self control – so you can deal with grief & loss and heartache.

Together, session by session, we will reduce your emotional overwhelm to overcome fear using the powerful intelligence of hypnotic trance.

You will experience deeply soothing hypnotic relaxation with my method of Free Flow Transformation Therapy® which will help you find calm contentment so you can turn problems into solutions…

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Hypnotherapy helps you become Content and Calm

I’m Dipti Tait and I have 20 years of therapeutic experience working closely and discreetly with high profile people and celebrities.

Today’s world is filled with so much comparison stress and worry.

If stress isn’t managed properly it easily turns into worry – which leads to anxiety, and ultimately becomes emotional overwhelm, overload, fatigue related grief heading towards burn out and physical and mental health disorders.

It’s not surprising that so many people on the planet are facing some kind of emotional disturbance because of so much change, pressure, deep loss or heartbreak.

Free Flow Transformation Therapy® with NSDR (Non Sleep Deep Rest)  Protocols will help turn grief into fuel, pain into power and problems into solutions.

Therapy doesn’t need to be about constantly going backwards, it can be about moving forwards to visualise your compelling future and then taking the right action steps towards happiness, peace of mind and love.

My mission is to help people like you to navigate the stresses of life calmly and successfully.

I will help you with anxiety, low self esteem, grief & loss, emotional overwhelm and the fear of change using the intelligence of trance.

Free Flow Transformation Therapy® is an exceedingly effective deep relaxation therapy that allows you to actively switch off stress and turn on relaxation.

With awareness and hypnotic relaxation practices in place, we learn how to convert grief into fuel, and more importantly, turn our problems into solutions.

Non Sleep Deep Rest (NSDR) are specific techniques to reach self-directed states of calm through mental focus. NSDR protocols can improve learning, help you relax, reduce stress, and help you fall asleep more easily.

NSDR is a term coined by Dr. Andrew Huberman.

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Solution Focused Hypnotherapy does what is says on the tin – it helps you focus on your solutions, rather than problems!

Online Hypnotherapy Sessions with me blend the best of Non Sleep Deep Rest (NSDR),  Coaching, Breathing and Relaxing Trance and are extremely effective.

I have over 20 years of therapeutic experience and have been in personal development for more than 30 years. My practice is fully online and I see 90 clients a month.

Using the Intelligence of Trance I use my own Free Flow method to help your brain figure out the solutions to the challenges you face.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is an extremely effective formula that helps you move forwards with effortless ease.

Free Flow Transformation Therapy® is a unique technique that I have formulated and developed using Non Sleep Deep Rest (NSDR) Protocols.

For more information, please watch the video below.


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The Initial Consultation is a 90min Session on Zoom


In the Initial Consultation session we will go through all your hopes for your hypnotherapy sessions and I will be able to tailor your individual programme to suit you.

Before booking in, it will be useful to Get Your Emotional Wellbeing Score and that way we will both have your personalised report to work with.

I look forward to hearing from you and working with you.

Much love,

Dipti x


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