Have you heard of FRACTIONATION?

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Fractionation is a Hypnotic ‘Secret’ I’d never heard of the word “Fractionation” until I started training to become a hypnotherapist. Fractionation is not just a chemical separation process or a complicated maths algorithm – it’s actually a very deep and super powerful hypnotic induction. The Fractionation Hypnosis Induction is the most Powerful The Fractionation technique […]

Make Positive Changes While you Sleep

Sleeping can be hugely productive! When you think of the word “Sleep”, you probably think that it is not useful because it’s dead time – nothing going on, so an unproductive state and maybe even a waste of time? If you think that – YOU ARE MISTAKEN! In fact, it is the opposite – Sleeping […]

How to Get Rid of Anxiety [with this simple exercise]

Try this simple exercise to get rid of your anxiety now… If Anxiety has moved into your head and is taking over your life, here is a explanation about what anxiety is and how you can deal with it. You can then do a practical exercise to work with this stubborn state of mind. By the […]

Why is Hypnotherapy so Expensive?

Thinking about getting hypnotherapy, but not sure if you can afford it? Do you wonder why hypnotherapists charge the fees that they do? Are you skeptical about whether hypnotherapy will even work for you? In this blog I will explain exactly what hypnotherapy is, why I think it works well and why we charge more […]

Try this Hypnosis Technique for Inner Peace

Inner Peace & Love exists in a quiet space of our mind. We all crave a bit of peace and quiet sometimes, especially in this busy, busy world full of noise, chaos and distraction. Our minds are being constantly pulled in all sorts of directions. Look at me! Buy from me! Give me your opinion, […]

How to Be Happier – Follow the 3 Steps…

Three Steps to Happiness We all want to have a happy brain! No one complains about being too happy! So, with these three steps in place, you will always find a place of happiness inside you and keep yourself connected to it. It’s a simple and effective process. Try it – Watch the 15 minute […]