Here’s some …FREE RELAXATION Because… YOU’RE WORTH IT! <flicks hair back> TAKE SOME TIME OUT As I write this, it’s raining here, and has been for weeks – but this gloomy weather doesn’t have to make for a gloomy mood… Sometimes our good mood can be affected by an external thing – such as the […]

Have you heard of FRACTIONATION?

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Fractionation is a Hypnotic ‘Secret’ I’d never heard of the word “Fractionation” until I started training to become a hypnotherapist. Fractionation is not just a chemical separation process or a complicated maths algorithm – it’s actually a very deep and super powerful hypnotic induction. The Fractionation Hypnosis Induction is the most Powerful The Fractionation technique […]

Make Positive Changes While you Sleep

Sleeping can be hugely productive! When you think of the word “Sleep”, you probably think that it is not useful because it’s dead time – nothing going on, so an unproductive state and maybe even a waste of time? If you think that – YOU ARE MISTAKEN! In fact, it is the opposite – Sleeping […]

Sadness, Sleep & Self-Care by Sara Bailey

Some helpful advice for those who are left behind… by Sara Bailey I’m Sara, and I’m a widow. I write about loss as a way to help me heal and to offer hope to others who’ve suffered a loss. I want to help reduce the struggle that many widows and widowers face with some ideas […]

How to Get Rid of Anxiety [with this simple exercise]

Try this simple exercise to get rid of your anxiety now… If Anxiety has moved into your head and is taking over your life, here is a explanation about what anxiety is and how you can deal with it. You can then do a practical exercise to work with this stubborn state of mind. By the […]

Why I’ve Given Up Shopping for a Whole Year! (Yes, that’s 365 days!)

Why I’ve given up shopping for a whole year! (Yes, that’s 365 days!) I am a Hypnotherapist, and see several clients a day, and all day long I help my clients to get over negative behaviours, addictions and change their unhealthy patterns. BUT, I have a dark secret to confess… In the seven years I have […]