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Change Beliefs Easily – Answer 12 Simple Questions

Change Beliefs Easily

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What is a Belief?

A BELIEF is a THOUGHT or IDEA that you think of as TRUTH – All your beliefs form together and become your BELIEF SYSTEM.

What Belief System am I?

Fixed? Flexible? Balanced?

Before you take the quiz below to find out, take a look at the image below.

As you study the image – your own brain is checking in with your current belief system to confirm if it matches with or rejects the idea in front of you.

If it immediately matches you will carry on reading this article as your centre of curiosity and interest will be triggered.

If it immediately rejects you may be inclined to stop reading any further.

If you are on the fence you may be inclined to carry on reading to gain more evidence.

Our belief system is a very useful mechanism because it is the fixed container for our fluid thoughts. Our brain holds on to the beliefs to grasp the concept of our own identity and the world we inhabit.



Take the Belief Personality Quiz to find out if your Belief System is:



You can put more than one answer down if you feel you are split between two answers.


  1. What shade would you be if you were a colour? A) Pastel B) Black & White C) Bright

  2. Do you prefer: A) Listening B) Talking C) Learning

  3. If you were choosing an ice cream would you generally: A) Get the special on the board B) Get the same one you always get C) Try the new flavour

  4. Which word do you prefer: A) Trust B) Proof C) Curious

  5. Are you more: A) Emotional B) Logical C) Intuitive

  6. If you were asked to make a speech would you: A) Hate it  B) Love it C) Learn it by heart

  7. At a social occasion would you prefer to talk to someone: A) Familiar B) On their Own C) New

  8. Do you want to be: A) Liked B) Respected C) Remembered

  9. Do you prefer: A) Being part of a team B) Working alone C) Collaborating with others

  10. If someone has a completely different opinion to you, how do you feel? A) Confused B) Irritated C) Inquisitive

  11. When you shop in a supermarket do you generally: A) Get what’s on offer B) Buy the same things C) Try new things

  12. Would you rather: A) Agree B) Argue your point C) Debate


When you finish, add up all your A’s, B’s and C’s and you will find the RESULTS of your BELIEF PERSONALITY TEST at the end of this article!

What Types of Belief Are There?

Inspired by the work of Robert Dilts and his model of the LOGICAL LEVELS, I have categorised the Belief System into 7 types:

1) Spiritual Belief

An ideology that you hold to be true with a strong feeling of faith. A feeling of something being higher or deeper than you.

2) Self Belief

A strong connection with your own identity, and a definite knowing of who you think you are.

3) Value Based Belief

Thoughts around your principles, ethics and moral code. What you think is right and wrong.

4) Capability Belief

What you think can and can’t be achieved. What is possible or impossible.

5) Conduct Belief

How you and those around you should behave and act according to the situation you are in.

6) World View Belief

Your thoughts about the environment you are in and how the world is constructed and operates.

7) Limiting Belief

A thought or idea that holds you back to protect you, keeps you safe and limits your personality and behaviour in some way.

Beliefs down from 4-7  are easier to change than 1-3.

How are Beliefs Formed?

Beliefs are formed in five ways –

  1. FEAR – You have been told to accept a thought or idea to be true and have not been given permission or licence to question it.
  2. REPETITION – A thought or an idea that is repeated to you so often, you begin to unconsciously repeat to yourself.
  3. EVIDENCE – A thought or idea is confirmed and becomes true because you witness or see something with your own eyes.
  4. POSITIVE INFLUENCE – You feel inspired by a new thought and respect the source of a new idea or truth presented to you.
  5. CREDULITY – You have a wide open mindset and think everything must be true unless it can be proven otherwise.

Usually we form our fundamental beliefs by the time we become adults, but that doesn’t mean that our adult beliefs are necessarily fixed. Some remain fixed forever – depending on your personality type, but some are flexible and can change. All beliefs can potentially change – depending on the reason for wanting to change them.

Why Beliefs Matter?

Beliefs are hugely important for our brain to have some structure. If we didn’t have a belief system, our thoughts would not be contained – Think of the fluid, with no glass to contain it – it would be wasted – so our beliefs need a container to support them and keep them topped up.

So, beliefs really do matter. It’s interesting to be doing this Belief Change work with my clients at the moment, because, as a hypnotherapist, I am finding that our belief system has the power to either propel us forwards, and simultaneously has the force to stop us and hold us back.

With all the work I have been doing, I have come to my own realisation that because beliefs have such power and force attached to them, I’m very interested in figuring out the strategy to get the belief system to work for you rather than against you.

Can Beliefs be False?

Belief contains the word lie hidden in plain sight. Limiting beliefs are formed in our belief system, through no fault of our own. They seem to be formed as a protection mechanism. The clients I have been working with to get rid of their limiting beliefs have all said exactly the same thing when I have asked them if they can tell me what the POSITIVE PURPOSE has been for them holding on to the limiting belief for all this time.

They all mention these words: PROTECTION, SECURITY, SAFETY.

The limiting belief was formed at a time in the immature brain where it needed the feeing of protection and safety in place. It was a time in your life where your analytical and rational mind would not have been fully formed. So, usually the limiting beliefs are formed in the pre-teen years.

However, if this limiting belief is not updated (like a software update on your phone) and your brain is running on these old patterns of the past, it’s no wonder that these immature beliefs are going to have a negative effect on your adult life. Your brain is basically storing these ‘lies’ as fact.

This is why it is REALLY CRUCIAL that we take a look at our current belief system and establish whether there are any beliefs that are holding you back from achieving the full potential of your awesomeness!

If there are limiting patterns that repeatedly show up in your life – like – addictive behaviours, compulsive tendencies, attracting the wrong type of partner, money beliefs, feeling like you are not good enough, thinking that life is not worth living (and this list is exhaustive), it may well be worth getting in touch and touching base to check in with me, and I can advise you of what steps you can take.

Your brain doesn’t mean to lie to you, it just needs a little bit of a software update.

What is a Limiting Belief?

A limiting belief is a belief that does not support your wellbeing, growth or personal or professional development. These beliefs hold you back and prevent you to be the person you really want to be and you can be. Limiting Beliefs squash potential and literally place a limit over you and your life.

A limiting belief comes in three categories – A sense of:

  1. WORTHLESSNESS (I’m not worthy of… I don’t deserve… I’m not good enough…)
  2. HELPLESSNESS (I can’t do… I don’t know how to… I’ve never been good at…)
  3. HOPELESSNESS (What’s the point… There is no hope… My life is pointless…)

How Can YOU Change Beliefs Easily?

Our Beliefs can be changed relatively quickly and simply with Tim and Kris Hallbom’s Powerful Belief Change System – The 4-STEP BELIEF-CHANGE PROCESS.

I began to use this 4 Step Belief Change system in my practice and have started to get incredible results.

Here is a short video giving you a flavour of what’s involved and how it works.

Gemma, my client came in with a limiting belief of WORTHLESSNESS – She believed that she wasn’t good enough to have what she wants.

This limiting belief affected the way she viewed herself, it also had a negative effect on the men she had been attracting and also prevented her from moving forward in life with certain goals and ambitions she had.

Watch the Video to Learn How to Change Beliefs Easily –  Gemma transforms her old limiting belief (that she had been holding on to for her whole adult life) into a new empowering belief, and she literally walks out of the session a new and improved version of herself!

How I Can Help You Change Beliefs Easily…

Get in touch with me to establish whether it would be worth your while travelling to me to the Cotswolds so we can do the 4-Step Belief Change Session together.

Please get in touch with me via email

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Mostly A’s = You are a Happy Settler! You are flexible in your belief system and can be easily swayed and convinced. This is useful as you are generally compliant and easy to get along with.  You really want to be liked, and may get upset if you think you are not.  You can have a tendency to replay conversations in your mind and when you get stressed you can easily over-think. You like routine and never rock the boat. You like everything and everyone to be amicable. You make friends easily and can occasionally be taken advantage of. Sometimes you may find yourself confused and torn because you want to please other people. You may have the tendency to put others needs before your own needs. You trust people and like to be part of a group or community and are family orientated. You like to follow rules. You can slip into procrastination as you can sometimes be indecisive. Overall you are easy going and not keen on complication and prefer things to stay familiar as you don’t like change.

Mostly B’s = You are a Fierce Warrior! You have a fixed mindset. You have strong opinions, because you know your own mind and it takes a lot for that to be influenced. You are fiercely independent in your thinking and enjoy a good argument. You don’t really get offended very easily and sometimes don’t mind offending others! You may have been called stubborn before, but that doesn’t bother you – because you like that word! You like to break the rules and can sometimes be seen as a trouble maker – but you see yourself as more of a rebel! You like structure and stick to tasks until you finish them. You make decisions easily and get things put into action quickly. You are not hugely bothered if you are not liked, but you do prefer it if you get your own way. You are sometimes a risk taker and you haven’t really got time for people who are flaky. You can be explosive and reactive when you get your buttons pushed! You get bored easily. You always put yourself first. You love a competition as you are determined to be the winner!

Mostly C’s = You are Lovely and Balanced! You like to weigh things up properly before you say things or take actions. Once you commit to something – you generally get on with it and get things done. You are not usually overly impulsive or reactive. You have a good ability to check things out with logic as well as have a good connection with how you are feeling. Your rational mind is strong and you like to source facts before committing to anything. You are naturally curious by nature and like to explore new ideas. Your style is experimental and you enjoy being innovative. You have a creative spirit and like being noticed. You like people and are inquisitive about how things work and how people tick. You are popular and know your own boundaries. You generally have a good balance between work, rest and play and know how to say no, but also like to say yes when it suits you too. You hardly ever get offended and are generally interested in life and the people that you surround yourself with. You are excited by change.

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