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Motherhood Grief - Lily Allen

What is Motherhood Grief – Here are the 15 Hidden Symptoms

Lily Allen may have been suffering with Motherhood Grief. ‘My children ruined my career‘ is the recent headline to cause controversy, however I absolutely salute Lily for her candid and deeply honest sharing of something I feel deeply passionate about. It’s a topic I write about in my second book Planet Grief – Motherhood Grief. Motherhood grief, often unseen and…
Ambivert - Dipti Tait

3 Empowering Strategies to Unleash Your Ambivert Superpowers

Do you have Ambivert Superpowers? Are you one of those intriguing individuals who seem to effortlessly navigate both extroverted and introverted worlds? If you’ve ever wondered if you might be an ambivert, you’re in for an enlightening journey. In this blog, we’ll explore the fascinating concept of ambiversion, its key characteristics, and why understanding it can be a game-changer in…