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What is Free Flow Transformation Therapy

What is Free Flow Transformation Therapy?

Interestingly enough, we don’t remember the words that come out of our mouth, because we are busy thinking about the next thing we are about to say or listening to what is being said back to us. So, that’s where I come in with FFTT. FFTT is a system that I have been trialling and developing with all my clients…
Dipti Tait - Coconut

I am a Real-Life Unforgettable Coconut!

Just before we went live on This Morning, Geri turned to me and asked “Are you Indian?” I smiled, and replied “I’m a Coconut!” Rylan, in his usual animated style pipes up “What’s a Coconut?!” “Brown outside and white inside”. Rylan, rendered speechless, as tumbleweed rolled around the studio floor just as the countdown began to go live on air.…