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Grief Therapy with Dipti Tait

Grief Therapy – Nobody wants it, but 100% needs it

Why is Grief Therapy Valuable? I’ve learnt something valuable about Grief Therapy by working so intimately with my clients for a decade. As human beings, we are all grieving something. This is why I passionately believe that Grief Therapy is essential for all of us in life, not just in death. Grief came to find me in my early twenties…
Law of Attraction - Attract Abundance with Dipti Tait

Do this 1 Simple Thing for Law of Attraction to Work for You!

Do You Believe in the Law of Attraction? Last month, I asked on my Facebook and Linked In profiles if anyone would like to do my 30 Day Abundance Challenge with me to see how the Law of Attraction works… Well, 16 people signed up. and then, one by one – 13 people dropped out. Only 3 people (including myself) have continued. In the Attract Abundance audio, you have…
Difference Between Envy and Jealousy

3 Subtle Ways to Tell the Difference Between Envy and Jealousy

What is the Difference between Envy and Jealousy? We feel envy when we begin to become a preoccupied over another person’s life experience. For example, wishing something better for ourselves because we see someone else has that thing – and that ‘thing’ will be missing from our own life. A status symbol, an accolade or recognition, a better financial position,…