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Why Forgiveness is Good for Your Health

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Are you finding it hard to let go of something or someone?

Do you feel hurt by somebody’s words or actions?

Would you like to soften the resentment you feel?

What is Forgiveness?

Forgiveness is a conscious and deliberate effort to observe and let go of the negative feelings associated with something or someone that has hurt you or caused you harm.

Why Forgiveness is Hard

Forgiveness is hard because usually when we think about forgiving a person or a situation that we feel is wrong or unjustified, we may think that also means that we are agreeing with that person’s opinion or behaviour, when we really don’t think what the person has done or said is true, or the situation in question is right.

This is where we can struggle with the idea of forgiveness and feel that it wouldn’t line up with our own values or beliefs to forgive because then our own opinion may feel devalued, unheard and unrecognised.

Forgiveness Can Set you Free

Just because you forgive someone or something, doesn’t necessarily imply that you forget or condone the actions that caused the hurt or the misunderstanding. You can still wholeheartedly disagree with the situation, or the opinion, but, by letting it soften in your mind, you become less restricted and it stops weighing down your energy. Forgiveness is very liberating for your mind and body – it literally can free your mind and body again.

Exercise:  Learn How to Forgive

When you hold on to a grudge, grievance or a feeling that is negative for a long time – it becomes harmful to you, and those around you. It sits in your system like an unresolved grief.

Negativity and grief are heavy feelings and weighs us down. Negative feelings can pollute our mind and body. This heavy pollution can have a detrimental effect on our mental state and physical well being.

So, it’s very important that we are mindful about what emotions we hold on to and which ones we need to learn to gradually let go of.

The Emotional Interview

To find an outlet for any negative feelings, and stay holding on to the positive ones, try this interesting exercise:


Imagine you are the boss of your brain and all your emotions (positive and negative) are applying for a job to be awarded with a lovely spacious office in your mind. 

Imagine you have to give each emotion a fair interview and they, one by one, are all lined up waiting to be interviewed by you.

So, you are sitting at a desk, in a nice comfortable chair. You invite the first emotion in.

You are now sitting opposite your emotion.  

Here are 3 questions you have to ask each emotion:

  • 1) Why would you like more space?
  • 2) What will you do in the new space you are given?
  • 3) How will I benefit from giving you more space?

If it’s easier to write the answers down, then please do so. You can even say the answers out loud too. 

Make sure you interview all the emotions and it will be interesting to see what answers they give you.

Your job is to decide which emotions can stay in your mind, and which ones can look elsewhere for employment.

Why Forgiveness Is Good For Your Health

Mahatma Gandhi

The weak can never forgive.

Forgiveness is an attribute of the strong.

Hypnosis for Forgiveness

Check out the MOVE ON AND LET GO Hypnosis Package that you can use to help you with moving on and letting go.

The Move on and Let Go audio download is part of a Hypnosis package that I have created that you can use in your time – it’s best you find a quiet place to plug in and play. You will get the maximum benefit from it if you use it at night as you are falling asleep.

Help with Grief

Check out my book Good Grief that you can also read to help you with moving on and letting go.

I wrote this book to help myself let go of some really deep hurts and move on from some harsh difficulties that I faced when both my parents passed away from cancer. This book was my way of healing, and my hope is that it can help the reader find a place of acceptance as well.

Why Forgiveness Is Good For Your Health

Hypnosis & Grief EXPERT

Losing both my parents to cancer as an only child. I had to let go of hurts, shame and some of the past.

I learned how to move on from pain and break old patterns of belief that were holding me back.

I went on my own difficult, but powerful journey to find acceptance and taught myself to forgive.

Visit for more about me.

Why Forgiveness Is Good For Your Health

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