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Have you heard of FRACTIONATION?

Fractionation Hypnosis - Dipti Tait

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Fractionation is a Hypnotic ‘Secret’

I’d never heard of the word “Fractionation” until I started training to become a hypnotherapist.

Fractionation is not just a chemical separation process or a complicated maths algorithm – it’s actually a very deep and super powerful hypnotic induction.

The Fractionation Hypnosis Induction is the most Powerful

The Fractionation technique works similarly to the Snooze button on your alarm clock. So, when your alarm goes off in the morning, and you press snooze, you are able to go back into deep sleep immediately, and then when the alarm goes off a few minutes later, it can sometimes feel like hours have passed, and you have been in a very deep slumber.

If you continue to snooze, you will go deeper and deeper into sleep each time and find it harder and harder to wake up. If you snooze too much, you may be more tired than you were when you first woke up.

The Fractionation Induction works in the same way, you start in a light level of trance, and then you come back out and go back in several times. Every time you go back in, you go deeper and deeper into the trance state and… The best thing about Fractionation is, you don’t feel tired when you come out, you actually feel more energised and motivated!

This is why it is (in my opinion) it is by far, the most powerful trance system ever!

When is Fractionation useful?

If I have a client that finds it hard to switch off and relax, I will use the Fractionation technique so they are able to experience a deeper quality of trance and get the huge benefits that the hypnotic trance state offers, really quickly.

The Fractionation Induction is like a super charge for every single cell in the body and the mind. It works so quickly and efficiently – I’m so surprised that more people don’t talk about it, understand it or utilise it.

…It’s like a hypnotic secret!

Another way I use it is to top up my own energy levels. If I feel like I have a slump in my day, I’ll plug in and play the video below and I find that my energy gets boosted for the afternoon!

…It really is quite magical!

Would you like to try FRACTIONATION for yourself?

If you would, find a comfortable and quiet place to sit or lie down for about 25 minutes.

PRESS PLAY ON THIS VIDEO BELOW (PLEASE… Do let me know how you get on – I’m always curious to find out what happens for you!)

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Have You Heard Of Fractionation?

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