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Because… YOU’RE WORTH IT! <flicks hair back>


As I write this, it’s raining here, and has been for weeks – but this gloomy weather doesn’t have to make for a gloomy mood… Sometimes our good mood can be affected by an external thing – such as the grey sky or the cloudy day, and even the relentless rain… Let’s see if we can change your mood and uplift you a little bit… Let’s take some TIME OUT…

Relaxation is the opposite of STRESS – We don’t need to learn HOW to stress, we can do that easily… Life can be very stressful.

HOWEVER, this does mean, that sometimes, we need to be reminded to RELAX

This is your Reminder to Relax

Relaxation is the antidote to stress. You can’t be Relaxed and Stressed at the same time – so take 10 minutes now or maybe later on to find some quiet time and regain that lovely feeling of balance and harmony back into your day…

Below is a short 10 minute Relaxation Exercise that you can do to help you feel REFRESHED, RELAXED, RESTORED and RE-ENERGISED… Enjoy, and remember this – when you s-l-o-w down your breathing – just for a few rounds, you begin to engage your parasympathetic nervous system – (which is a fancy way of saying – you relax from the inside out).

Try this quick technique…

If you haven’t got time or can’t watch this video now, just start taking some deeper breaths in now – and really begin to notice your exhalations.

Breathe out anything you don’t need to hold on to…

Imagine those cares and concerns floating out of system and out of the window.

Imagine your cares and concerns disappearing in the breeze…

Breathe in a feeling of calm, a sense of clarity, and continue to breathe out stress and anxiety.

Repeat this technique now, and when you can give yourself 10 minutes…

Have a lovely calm & productive day…

Much love, Dipti x

Dipti Tait is a Solution Focused Hypnotherapist and Hypnosis Lecturer and Motivational Speaker.

Dipti can be found on the TV Breakfast Sofa and features on BBC Radio & she is a writer for Thrive Global and regularly appears in Print.

Dipti loves talking about her #1 passion of Hypnotherapy, Neuroscience and the Brain as well as Mind and Mental Health. 

Dipti runs a busy private hypnotherapy practice near Stroud, in the Cotswolds in the UK, and sees many of her clients all over the world online on Zoom.

See Dipti in Real Life! or Work with Dipti Online!


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