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10 Expert Tips to Beat Post Holiday Blues and Ease Back into Reality

Post Holiday Blues

Overcome Post Holiday Blues and Ease Back into Reality Ah, the post holiday blues! We’ve all been there, feeling a mix of nostalgia and longing for the amazing experiences we had during a fantastic trip away. It’s natural to feel a sense of grief when we return to our daily routine, but fear not! With […]

Why Do Some Friendships Break Down After the Age of 25 Years Old?

Why Do Friendships Break Down By Dipti Tait

Friendships are complex relationships, and they take energy, time and investment. Have you ever wondered why as we approach our midlife, certain friendships can begin to break down and even fall by the way side? I was asked to contribute my thoughts about this subject that were published in the Weekend Telegraph (Saturday 14th Jan 2023) if […]

‘Beyond the Grave’ to Help with Grief AI Tech is Terrifying for 3 Reasons

Dipti Tait Beyond The Grave On Good Morning Britain

If you could have a simulated real-time zoom chat with your loved one after they have passed away – Would you? This Beyond the Grave ‘to help with grief’ technology is exactly what is being offered to us right now in the cutting edge world of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and I don’t know […]

Grief Therapy – Nobody wants it, but 100% needs it

Grief Therapy With Dipti Tait

Why is Grief Therapy Valuable? I’ve learnt something valuable about Grief Therapy by working so intimately with my clients for a decade. As human beings, we are all grieving something. This is why I passionately believe that Grief Therapy is essential for all of us in life, not just in death. Grief came to find […]

How to Deal with Loss and Grief

How To Deal With Loss And Grief

How to Deal with Loss and Grief Click the image to get FREE ACCESS to my 7-Day Course Right now, all human beings on this planet have a new threat coming to get us – it’s an attack of GRIEF. Grief isn’t delivered in a nice neat package. It comes over us in sudden waves […]

What is Grief?

What Is Grief?

Grief is an overwhelming feeling of tangled emotions & that is why it’s hard to talk about in a tweet… Dipti Tait – Author of Good Grief In this video, I talk about this idea that not many people are aware of… Grief can happen to us even when we have not experienced a death. […]