How to Deal with Loss and Grief

How to Deal with Loss and Grief Click the image to get FREE ACCESS to my 7-Day Course Right now, all human beings on this planet have a new threat coming to get us – it’s an attack of GRIEF. Grief isn’t delivered in a nice neat package. It comes over us in sudden waves […]

What is Grief?


Grief is an overwhelming feeling of tangled emotions & that is why it’s hard to talk about in a tweet… Dipti Tait – Author of Good Grief In this video, I talk about this idea that not many people are aware of… Grief can happen to us even when we have not experienced a death. […]

Do You Feel Loneliness in a Crowded Room?


Loneliness  is an actual ‘thing‘ and it’s only recently that people have been talking about it to raise awareness of the problems and feelings of isolation and suffering that loneliness can cause. (Loneliness is a really weird feeling to explain ~ but I will try…) It’s a very peculiar and paradoxical feeling that sits inside, […]

Why Forgiveness is Good for Your Health


Are you finding it hard to let go of something or someone? Do you feel hurt by somebody’s words or actions? Would you like to soften the resentment you feel? What is Forgiveness? Forgiveness is a conscious and deliberate effort to observe and let go of the negative feelings associated with something or someone that […]

3 Tips: Help Kids Deal with Death and Grief

How To Help Kids Deal With Grief

Talking openly to kids about Death and Grief helps them Cope Better   Death and grief are hot topics in the news right now after the shocking and tragic explosion after the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, killing 22 people. This tragic incident has triggered many questions and stirred up a lot of discomfort, not just within our […]

How can I tell if I am Grieving? – Take the Grief Test

Do You Have Grief Symptoms

What exactly are Grief Symptoms? “What are the Grief Symptoms ?” I get asked this question a lot. The very quick answer I have is that Grief is a Cocktail of Emotions. As the author of Good Grief, I’m often asked to give an ‘expert’ opinion as to the definition of Grief, and not only […]