Grief can be your best friend
(or your worst enemy)

Are you finding it hard to deal with change and loss?

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    Grief can often sneak into the system and come out in unexpected ways
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    Reading Good Grief can help you move into a feeling of acceptance
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    This book will help you remember that you are not alone and it's okay not to be okay

The only way through grief is to grieve... 

This book helps you turn bad grief into Good Grief


"A jewel of a book to keep close to your heart"

This book helps you understand grief and not be afraid of your feelings and thoughts. In fact, it is applicable to any change or loss in your life be it relationship breakdown to loss of a loved one or pet. Written in an easy to understand manner it helps you make sense of your feelings and teach yourself how to go forward in a positive manner.

- Hannah B

"This book is so wonderfully written - inspiring and warm"

I bought this book to enable me to help two friends of mine who have very recently lost a parent, and to help with my Hypnotherapy clients in the future. This book is so wonderfully written, inspiring and warm - and despite the tears, this book really does help you find the positives in what can feel like a completely devastating and overwhelming experience. Not just for loss of life, but changes in circumstances too. Highly Recommended.

- Amazon Reviewer

"This was a great reassurance - and a handy reference too"

I sought out this book as very recently lost my mother. In a whirlwind of emotions, and rollercoaster of feelings, this was a great re-assurance. And also a handy reference. For the immediate aftermath of a loss, and also for the mid - long term. As grief is not an immediate wound you can fix. It is ok to feel awry for some time. I will continue to use Dipti's words moving forward through this un-scripted challenge in life.

- Amazon Reviewer

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This book can help you turn your bad grief into Good Grief...

Grief is like a tangled ball of string and can make us feel like our life is in knots.

It would be nice if it had an easy fix, but unfortunately grieving is not a linear process.

With that in mind, this book helps you untangle that ball of overwhelming knotty  emotions.

It helps you process and deal with it in an appropriate way that is right for you.


Grief is different for everyone 

Some people need more support than others

This book is designed to be your supportive companion to help you when you need it the most.

Reading Good Grief will help you...

​Empty your Stress Bucket

​Grief fills up the metaphorical Stress Bucket in the brain.

This book will help you begin to empty the bucket in a very gentle way.


Find some Inner Peace

Our feelings of peace can be severely disrupted when we are grieving.

Reading Good Grief can help you remember that you are not alone.

​Remember your Smile

When we feel emotionally overwhelmed in a negative way, we forget our ability to smile. Good Grief reminds you of your own smile again, which is nice.

Grief does not discriminate -

If you have loved and lost - you can feel grief...

"This book is worthy of a special place on my book shelf."

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Good Grief  is a companion in a time of change and loss

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I closed my eyes and knew that it was time to say goodbye. I told her in my mind over and over how much I loved her. I was sorry for the things that I needed to be sorry for, and I loved her, and I would miss her; the children loved her, and they would miss her; and I hoped her soul's onward journey would be peaceful; and I loved her, and I really loved her, and I was sorry.

After a few minutes of this nonsensical giddy repetition, my instincts dictated that I lift my head to kiss her, and as I did, she took her final breath of air and then exhaled very slowly almost like she had a slow puncture. I watched her brow instantly unfurrow and every muscle in her face relax. Her expression was peaceful, and she appeared to have an ethereal glow about her. Her fingers uncurled out of my grip, and it was over. That was it. She had gone.

No drama, no bells and whistles, nothing. Just an empty shell left behind. My mother was no longer inside her body.

About the Author: Dipti Tait

Dipti Tait is a hypnotherapist and mother of teenage boys.

An only child, she describes her journey through grief with the loss of both parents.

Dipti uses her clinical experience alongside reader-friendly exercises to explain how to overcome fear and develop an awareness of turning bad grief into Good Grief.

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