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Does Hypnosis Work for Everyone?

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Will Hypnotherapy work for me?

I get asked this question a lot, and the answer really does depend on a few things, which I will explain in this short blog.

Does Hypnosis Work For Everyone?

The short answer is YES… (but) ✔️

The BUT is…

Hypnotherapy will work well for you…


  1. You like and trust your hypnotherapist ✔️
  2. You want to make a change ✔️
  3. You are open to the experience ✔️

How do I choose a Hypnotherapist?

Does Hypnosis Work For Everyone?

Feeling comfortable, safe and happy to be in your hypnotherapist’s care is CRUCIAL for any successful and lasting change work to happen.

If you are able to fully relax and surrender your belief system about whether or not you can be hypnotised and you can fully immerse with the experience.

Once you are fully relaxed, the changes that you want to happen will start to happen in a natural way.

The trust is very important. When you have trust in your hypnotherapist, this means that the rapport between you is healthy and you feel safe.

When you feel safe, you feel calm, and when you feel calm your mind will be engaged in a positive way.

You critical mind will be quieter and you will be able to relax deeply, which is the mindset that is conducive for positive change to take place.

It is also important to point out that you must like the hypnotherapist’s voice. It must sound soothing to you. If it doesn’t, then find someone else, as this is an important factor.

How will Hypnosis help me?

Does Hypnosis Work For Everyone?Sometimes other people want you to change, and you don’t really see the need to. For example – a parent sending me their teenage child, or a husband sending their wife in to see me or vice versa.

In this case, I always say to the person in front of me that it won’t be successful, unless they want to change.

The biggest misconception about hypnotherapy is that – the hypnotherapist is in control of the client and ultimately can make the client make changes that they don’t want to make.

This is not true. The client has always got to be the one that wants to make the change.

When the client doesn’t want to change, and is sent by a well meaning relative, friend, colleague or parent… This is a waste of time.

You have to be WILLING to make the change – and get into the driving seat of your life and the hypnotherapist then becomes your sat nav pointing you in the right direction.

You are always in control.


What does Hypnosis Feel Like?Does Hypnosis Work For Everyone?

It feels like a Sunday Morning Lie in… The alarm has just gone off, and you know you don’t have to get up.

So… you snooze. You are comfortable, so warm and cosy.

You can hear stuff around you, but so very relaxed and so very comfortable.

Your mind is just drifting along, and you feel very quiet and still.

It’s a state of mind that is totally conducive to suggestion.

You are in REM. When your brain is in REM, it’s in the dreamy state. When you are dreaming, your critical mind is switched off and you are open to new ideas and possibilities.

This feeling is a lovely feeling, and it’s very powerful.

Can Hypnosis work Online?

Does Hypnosis Work For Everyone?

Half my Hypnotherapy practice is in real life at The Cotswold Practice, and the other half is International clients online.

I see clients from all around the world on Zoom, which is a video conferencing platform.

I have very good results from both options, and I have adapted my hypnosis sessions so you will get excellent results whether you choose to book in real life, or over Zoom.


How does Hypnotherapy work on Zoom?

Does Hypnosis Work For Everyone?

It’s very simple. You need a good and stable internet connection and a quiet place to sit or lie down where you won’t be interrupted.

You can join the call from your smart phone, iPhone, your iPad or laptop.

Once we have confirmed a suitable date and time for your session, I send you a unique joining link – only you have access to it.

At the time of your session, you click the link and I appear on your device and you appear on mine.

We have a little bit of time of talking, and then the last half of the session I get you to lie down and get cosy and you prop up the device so I can see your face and chest so I can check you are not falling asleep.

That’s it!

When the session is over, you come back into the room and I make sure you are fully present and we book your next session in and then we end the call – Easy!

Does Hypnosis Work For Everyone?

Find out how Hypnotherapy can help you



Dipti Tait has over 15 years experience as a Therapist and almost a decade of experience as a Hypnotherapist. She has helped thousands of clients all around the world from Teenagers, to Olympic Athletes.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can help with so many common issues as well as more unusual ones.

If you would like to have a chat with me to see if Solution Focused Hypnotherapy may be a good fit and solution for you or somebody you know – Do remember you can find me in person in the Cotswolds at The Cotswold Practice near Stroud.

You can also book an Initial Consultation Online via Zoom Sessions anywhere in the world from the comfort of your own home.

Does Hypnosis Work For Everyone?
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