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Why is Hypnotherapy so Expensive?

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Why Is Hypnotherapy So Expensive?

Thinking about getting hypnotherapy, but not sure if you can afford it? 

Do you wonder why hypnotherapists charge the fees that they do? 

Are you skeptical about whether hypnotherapy will even work for you? 

In this blog I will explain exactly what hypnotherapy is, why I think it works well and why we charge more than the average therapist.

How much does Hypnotherapy Cost?

Why Is Hypnotherapy So Expensive?

A private Hypnotherapy session can cost anywhere from £50+ and go all the way up to £1,000+ for an hour’s session. Typically a client will need (on average) 8-10 sessions for most issues to be dealt with successfully, so adding it up – a full hypnotherapy programme can cost between £500 to £5,000 for successful and permanent results.

This may seem very daunting to you – especially if you don’t have that sort of money kicking around under a floor board at your disposal. I can also sympathise that it is a very big decision to make (financially, as well as not knowing if it will work well for you).

So, I have written this blog to help you gain some information and answer some of the questions that you may have. I have also included some information about the benefits of hypnotherapy, and how to go about looking for the right hypnotherapist, so by the end of this blog,  you can decide if it’s the right way forward for you.

Why is Hypnotherapy Expensive?

Why Is Hypnotherapy So Expensive?

It’s expensive because a good hypnotherapist has often had to undergo extensive training to be reliably effective. The training is not just a simple weekend course, it is a continued lengthy case study based training that requires many clinical hours of background client work, observation, reading, studying, supervision and continual professional development.

Even though it is a very successful therapy with many individual success stories, Hypnotherapy is still unfortunately, not viewed as a recognised therapy by the NHS and is not funded or subsidised at all.

This means that many of the hypnotherapists are private practitioners and do not have the luxury of working from surgeries or establishments that have a constant stream of clients flowing through the doors. Most hypnotherapists have to work very hard to attract and maintain their client base. The money that they spend on building, promoting and maintaining their practice is purely self-funded.

Why choose Hypnotherapy?

Why Is Hypnotherapy So Expensive?

Usually, hypnotherapy is not the first choice of therapy. Often, it is the last hope for many people. I find that many of my clients say to me that they have tried medication, talking therapies, like counselling, CBT sessions at the doctor’s surgery, mindfulness techniques and the symptoms are still not permanently shifting and that they are lost for what else to do or try.

This ‘last hope’ feeling in itself can be a blessing – because we as hypnotherapists understand how the brain and human behaviour works, we recognise that if someone is at their wit’s end, they will be willing to be open to the therapy, and that is exactly what is needed for hypnotherapy to be super effective.

An open mind is easier to influence than a closed mind. It’s like if you went to the dentist and refused to open your mouth, the dentist may not be able to get an awful lot done!

How does Hypnotherapy Work?

Why Is Hypnotherapy So Expensive?

Hypnotherapy works because it changes things in the subconscious part of the mind rather than the conscious part. Many people don’t realise that most of our thoughts, actions, behaviours and choices are driven from the subconscious part of our mind – so this is why a hypnotherapist is trained to talk to that part of the mind.

Our brain has to be set up this way so we don’t spend most of our day consciously over-analysing a situation or making too much of a conscious effort deliberating over a choice – this would use up too much brain juice and we would be utterly brain-frazzled by the end of the day!

So, if we understand this, we can also safely assume that as well as our habitual patterns, the solutions to changing aspects of our lives that we may want to change, but don’t necessarily know how to, also exist in the subconscious part.

What is a Hypnotic Trance?

Why Is Hypnotherapy So Expensive?

Hypnotherapy helps people access the subconscious information by literally putting them in a deep relaxation – which is also known as a hypnotic trance. When the brain is in the hypnotic trance state, this is a powerful state of mind that can help you find solutions to your problems. Trance is actually an ordinary brain state, believe it or not!

Most people don’t like the word ‘trance’ and they feel put off by this concept because they don’t really understand what it is – so I thought it would be useful to explain exactly what a Hypnotic Trance is.

Hypnotic trance isn’t the same as being out of control or being mind controlled, as the TV shows would have you believe. A hypnotic trance used in hypnotherapy simply means getting a client into a deep level of complete internal relaxation which switches off the sympathetic nervous system of fight, flight & freeze. This relaxed state helps the client move into the calmer and more solution focused part of the mind, which is able to come up with creative ideas and figure things out.

Is Hypnotic Trance the same as REM?

Why Is Hypnotherapy So Expensive?

Yes, the hypnotic trance state is also known as R.E.M. – which stands for Rapid Eye Movement.

R.E.M. is also the same as the dreaming state.

We as hypnotherapists recognise that when the client is in R.E.M. (which is also known as dreaming), their critical and analytical mind is actually switched off.

We know this, because, usually when you are in a dream, no matter what is happening in the dream – even if it is crazy and abstract, you actually believe what’s going on, without disputing, questioning or rejecting it.

So, as this suggests our critical mind is switched off – (the part of our mind that self doubts, or is uncertain or insecure), and we deliver positive suggestions into this part of the mind, then the brain will accept the positive suggestions fully and not dismiss them.

This is why the Trance/R.E.M. state is very powerful, and subtle changes can be suggested, accepted and implemented very effectively indeed.

Why Hypnotherapy doesn't work?

Why Is Hypnotherapy So Expensive?

Hypnotherapy can be a bit like dating – not all dates end up being successful – things may look good on paper, but when you actually meet up, you find that something is not quite gelling. This is exactly the same idea to think about when looking for your perfect match hypnotherapist – Do you guys gel well and do you feel relaxed in their company?

It’s often not the hypnotherapy that doesn’t work, it’s the relationship between you and your therapist that isn’t quite working out.

You need to shop around (literally) to find the best ‘fit’ for yourself and the hypnotherapist. And, this may mean that you go along to several initial consultations before you decide to commit to the hypnotherapist and the hypnotherapy programme.

If hypnotherapy hasn’t worked out for you in the past, please don’t think it’s the therapy that is the problem – don’t throw out the baby with the bathwater, just try another hypnotherapist.

You will know when you get a right fit immediately – it’s a connection, a rapport, a feeling that you are in the right place.

Remember, if you have any doubts, just STOP. Find another hypnotherapist, and once you get the right match, you’ll know – there will be a lovely connection – kind of like two comfy peas in a pod.

What is the best way to choose a Hypnotherapist?

Why Is Hypnotherapy So Expensive?

Here is a Checklist! (It’s not a ‘traditional’ checklist – telling you to look for qualifications or time in practice, or memberships joined, because that’s not what makes a successful hypnotherapist in my opinion):

  • Do Some Website Window Shopping!  Has the Hypnotherapist thought about their website and  taken the time to give you plenty of information and social proof on their website and social media platforms to help you understand the therapy and how it works?
  • A Picture Speaks a Thousand Words!  When you look at the Hypnotherapists pictures, can you see yourself relaxing in their company? Have they taken the time to display professional, good quality images to reflect their professional practice?
  • Listen to the Hypnotherapist Speak!  The voice of the Hypnotherapist is SOOOOO important, so if you like the look of the person, but find their voice grating, then this will not work out so well!
  • Look for a Testimonial Video!  If the Hypnotherapist has taken the time to record a video with a happy client, this is good news, as the hypnotherapist is very aware that this is an important way to show the evidence of the therapy working.
  • Is the Hypnotherapist Willing to go the Extra Mile for You? Does the Hypnotherapist have a beautifully decorated practice room, willing to offer evening slots, work online so you are able to have sessions in your own home?

Look for the Clues

All the things to look out for on the checklist are little clues that the hypnotherapist has you completely in mind, and that's really what you want to feel safe, relaxed and comfortable.

Is Hypnotherapy Worth Doing?

Why Is Hypnotherapy So Expensive?

Good hypnotherapy is a very positive and necessary investment in your mental health – in my opinion, this makes it worth every penny you spend, because a good hypnotherapist knows how to get you accessing your full potential and becoming the best version of yourself.

Good hypnotherapy is definitely worth paying for.

You will not be disappointed!

Even though I am a fully qualified Solution Focused Hypnotherapist myself, I still go and see a Hypnotherapist often, because I know how good it is for my brain, my thinking and my general mental wellbeing.

My brain is a valuable asset, and it needs TLC, and for me that is exactly what hypnotherapy is, it’s brain maintenance – and…


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Why Is Hypnotherapy So Expensive?

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Why Is Hypnotherapy So Expensive?

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