Does Hypnosis Work for Everyone?

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Will Hypnotherapy work for me? I get asked this question a lot, and the answer really does depend on a few things, which I will explain in this short blog. The short answer is YES… (but) ✔️ The BUT is… Hypnotherapy will work well for you… IF YOU MEET THESE CRITERIA: You like and trust […]

How to Deal with Loss and Grief

How to Deal with Loss and Grief Click the image to get FREE ACCESS to my 7-Day Course Right now, all human beings on this planet have a new threat coming to get us – it’s an attack of GRIEF. Grief isn’t delivered in a nice neat package. It comes over us in sudden waves […]

How to Stay Calm in Panic, Pandemic & Pandemonium


Our whole world is being rocked.   The three words that are being repeated right now are: ⚠️PAN IC ⚠️PAN DEMIC ⚠️PAN DEMONIUM   PAN means ALL. This is happening to ALL OF US right now.   Here are some of my tips for you to STAY CALM especially in PANIC | PANDEMIC | PANDEMONIUM […]

5 Myth-Busting Facts about Hypnotic Trance


Do you get scared when you hear the words HYPNOTIC TRANCE? Hypnosis and Trance are both very misunderstood and generally seen in a bad light because of what you may have seen on a stage show or on TV. Trance and Hypnosis is really not as scary as you may think. 5 FACTS about what HYPNOTIC […]

Want some REAL TALK?

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Today, something very REAL happened! ????????This…! I guested on Trisha Lewis’s MAKE IT REAL podcast – and in it we talk about so much good stuff… (She even made a Dipti Mask!) We chatted about all this (and a lot more): How to stay comfortable in your own skin in business How to empty your […]

A Lovely Testimonial by Denise Spragg


Find out how Hypnotherapy helped Denise Spragg from The Sangha House It’s always so nice to hear really heartfelt testimonials from my clients. Denise Spragg from the Sangha House had a month of Online Hypnotherapy Sessions via Zoom with me, and she made me this brilliant testimonial video: If you are interested in finding out […]