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Break Free from the “People Pleaser” Cycle with my 5 Hypnotic Tips

People Pleaser - Tips How To Stop People Pleasing - Dipti Tait

Self Hypnosis Helps You Be Less of a People Pleaser! Dear People Pleaser, I have written this letter, especially for you. Let’s first of all embark on a journey into the intriguing world of people pleasing, where the delicate threads of neuroscience weave a tapestry of understanding. Picture this: you find yourself nodding along, always […]

How to Become an Influencer ➥ 3 🔝 Tips from Behaviour Expert!

How To Become An Influencer

How to Become an Influencer Here are my 3 Top Tips TO BECOME AN INFLUENCER (a positive life influencer, that is) Practice Emotional Intelligence Neuroscience research has shown that empathy and emotional intelligence play crucial roles in building positive relationships and influencing others. Empathy allows you to understand and share the feelings of others, while emotional […]

10 Expert Tips to Beat Post Holiday Blues and Ease Back into Reality

Post Holiday Blues

Overcome Post Holiday Blues and Ease Back into Reality Ah, the post holiday blues! We’ve all been there, feeling a mix of nostalgia and longing for the amazing experiences we had during a fantastic trip away. It’s natural to feel a sense of grief when we return to our daily routine, but fear not! With […]

What is Rejection Therapy?

What Is Rejection Therapy By Dipti Tait

Rejection Therapy is a resilience conditioning practice to help you learn to respond appropriately to the ‘no’s’ in your life.  Repeating this practice will prevent overly sensitive reactions which may be internalised into harmful self esteem issues. When we are told ‘no’, some of us can have an adverse reaction to this word, we may feel […]

Why Do Some Friendships Break Down After the Age of 25 Years Old?

Why Do Friendships Break Down By Dipti Tait

Friendships are complex relationships, and they take energy, time and investment. Have you ever wondered why as we approach our midlife, certain friendships can begin to break down and even fall by the way side? I was asked to contribute my thoughts about this subject that were published in the Weekend Telegraph (Saturday 14th Jan 2023) if […]

‘Beyond the Grave’ to Help with Grief AI Tech is Terrifying for 3 Reasons

Dipti Tait Beyond The Grave On Good Morning Britain

If you could have a simulated real-time zoom chat with your loved one after they have passed away – Would you? This Beyond the Grave ‘to help with grief’ technology is exactly what is being offered to us right now in the cutting edge world of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and I don’t know […]