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Break Free from the “People Pleaser” Cycle with my 5 Hypnotic Tips

People Pleaser - Tips How to Stop People Pleasing - Dipti Tait

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Self Hypnosis Helps You Be Less of a People Pleaser!

Dear People Pleaser,

I have written this letter, especially for you.

Let’s first of all embark on a journey into the intriguing world of people pleasing, where the delicate threads of neuroscience weave a tapestry of understanding.

Picture this: you find yourself nodding along, always ready to accommodate, and tirelessly seeking the approval of others. Welcome to the realm of the people pleaser, a character often driven by a complex interplay of neuro-chemical reactions.

➽ Revealing the People Pleaser: Signs to Spot

Imagine your brain as a symphony conductor, orchestrating an intricate dance of chemicals and signals. The people pleaser, in this grand performance, is often the star who plays the role of harmony-keeper, putting others’ needs above their own. Are you nodding in recognition? Here are a few signs that you might be a people pleaser:

  1. Constant Compromise: Your daily script reads like a series of compromises, as if you’re trying to win the award for “Best Adaptation to Others.”
  2. Fear of Disapproval: The thought of disappointing someone sends ripples of anxiety through your neural pathways, triggering the release of stress hormones like cortisol.
  3. Boundary Woes: Your boundaries resemble a hazy watercolour painting, often blurred by the sheer determination to avoid any form of conflict.

➽ The Neuro-chemical Tango of People Pleasing

Now, let’s dive into the chemistry behind the scenes. Our brain is a chemical wonderland, and certain behaviours, like people pleasing, have their own signature cocktail of neurotransmitters. When you please others, your brain releases a surge of “feel-good” neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin. It’s like a reward system – your brain whispers, “Good job! Keep it up!” However, the downside of this neuro-chemical tango is the potential hijacking of your own needs and desires.

The Strain of Over-Pleasing: An Unhealthy Balance

Imagine your brain chemistry as a delicate ecosystem. When you’re caught in the web of excessive people pleasing, it’s like a rainforest under stress. Chronic stress triggers the release of cortisol, which, over time, can wreak havoc on your mental and physical well-being. It’s like throwing the delicate balance of your neurotransmitter orchestra into disarray.

➽ The Liberating Symphony of Change: Why it Matters

Why should we embark on the quest to escape the people pleaser labyrinth? Well, keep reading my fellow seekers of authenticity, the rewards are worth their weight in gold.

…As you begin to untangle yourself from the grip of constant approval-seeking, your brain chemistry starts to shift. The dopamine and serotonin hits are replaced by a newfound sense of self-worth and empowerment. The delicate dance of neurotransmitters transforms into a harmonious melody of self-respect and genuine connections.

➽ Intrigued? Stay Tuned for the Symphony of Solutions

The answer is self hypnosis.

I have a self hypnosis app called Dipti – you can find it on App Store and Google Play

Dipti App - The Best App For Meditation Relaxation HypnosisOnce you download the Dipti app, and subscribe, you can begin using the self hypnosis audios right away to help your brain rewire itself and begin minimising your people pleaser tendencies quickly and easily.

When you listen to the hypnotherapy audios such as The Confidence Booster or Learn to Love Yourself, you’ll embark on a daring adventure to rewire your brain’s responses, fostering healthy boundaries and authentic interactions.

Your neuro-chemical journey will lead you through the art of setting boundaries, the magic of saying “no,” and the enchantment of prioritising self-care.

TRY THE DIPTI APP FREE FOR 7 DAYS!Dipti App Free 7 Day Trial

Here are 5 bonus tips to unlock the secrets of the mind and navigate the thrilling terrain of breaking free from the people pleaser spell…

▶︎Prioritise Your Needs Like a Pro
Channel your inner event planner and create a to-do list for yourself.
Just as you wouldn’t skip organising a crucial event, prioritise your own needs and desires. By scheduling personal time and activities, you’re sending a clear message to yourself and others that you value your well-being.

▶︎Be a “Nice No Ninja”
Discover your own NNN – the “Nice No Ninja” within you who has the power of saying “no” nicely.
Practice saying this two-letter word nicely when opportunities arise that don’t align with your own priorities or boundaries. The more you say no nicely it, the more empowered you’ll feel in setting healthy limits.

▶︎Design Your Assertiveness Wardrobe
Envision a fabulous wardrobe of assertiveness outfits. Picture yourself wearing these empowering ensembles as you communicate your thoughts and needs. Whether it’s the “Confident Communicator” blazer or the “Boundary Boots,” embodying assertiveness can help you stand tall and express yourself authentically.

▶︎Curate Your “Inner Circle” Museum
Imagine your social circle as an art gallery.
Just as you curate artwork that resonates with you, curate relationships that uplift and support your authentic self. Surrounding yourself with people who appreciate and respect your individuality can help you break free from the people-pleasing mould.

▶︎Master the “Mirror Technique”
Picture yourself as a master illusionist, using the “mirror technique” to reflect back the energy you’re receiving.
When someone expects you to bend over backward, mirror their expectations back to them. This allows them to witness their own behaviour and may encourage more balanced interactions.

Remember – to move away from being a people pleaser, we can begin your journey of self-discovery and growth together. By using these playful tips, they can be your trusty companions as you liberate yourself from the habit of people-pleasing.

Good luck, and I believe you can do this!

Much love,

Dipti x


Dipti App People Pleaser

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