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Make Positive Changes While you Sleep 💤

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Sleeping can be hugely productive!

When you think of the word “Sleep”, you probably think that it is not useful because it’s dead time – nothing going on, so an unproductive state and maybe even a waste of time?

If you think that – YOU ARE MISTAKEN! In fact, it is the opposite – Sleeping can be HUGELY productive!

When we go to sleep at night, we go into a system called R.E.M. (Rapid Eye Movement). This is also known as the Dreaming State.

You know when you are in R.E.M. – because it’s that day dream like state – So, it’s not just something we only go into at night – it can also happen when when we are awake – literally like a day dream – We can even enter into this state when we are driving a car along a long motorway – or going for a run or swim.

The rhythmical and repetitive motion and movement of an action can put us into a state of R.E.M. – so we don’t have to be ‘asleep’.

The brain does a ‘defrag’ at night

Now, R.E.M. is a fabulous place for the brain to be. It’s basically where the brain is recharging, sorting, and dumping. Think about a computer doing a ‘defrag’ – which means it is clearing space, organising files and generally having a good old tidy up.

The brain goes into a light state of R.E.M. every few minutes, because it has to to keep clearing and refreshing the mind so it doesn’t get overloaded with information!

At night time, the brain has a great opportunity to maximise on the deeper R.E.M. time because we are asleep. So, while we sleep, this massive decluttering in the brain is happening – your mind is being refreshed and cleansed of any negativity, stress or junk that does not need to be in there.

A really good example how R.E.M. works is that if you have an argument with someone in the day, and you go off to sleep thinking about the disagreement – you may feel disgruntled and the whole thing feels dramatic in your mind.

Once you finally drop off to sleep and your mind goes into REM, the argument ‘memory’ clears out of the emotional cache, and your brain is cleansed of stress. The memory gets re-filed and stored into the intellectual part of the brain. This is why when you wake up, you feel less affronted about the incident, and you have perhaps even have come up with a resolution.

Your brain goes into trance every night

R.E.M. is also known as TRANCE. Many people are spooked by the word trance, they think it’s some kind of disturbing place that they cannot control. This is a myth that I want to debunk!

Trance is basically deep relaxation and is a very positive and powerful state of mind. When you are in positive hypnotic trance, this can help you make effortless changes in your life that are useful and well meaning.

This is why we, as hypnotherapists put our clients into a hypnotic trance because we want our clients to experience this natural but profound state of mind, so they are able to figure things out and come up with their own solutions to the problems or issues in their lives.

We help our clients access R.E.M. so they can start the mental decluttering which is a great thing, but there is another amazing thing that happens too.

Trance switches off the critical voice

Think about this for a second… As R.E.M. is also the dreaming state. When you are dreaming, whatever you are dreaming about – even if it’s weird and unbelievable, while you are still in the dream itself – you believe it and don’t question it – it all seems normal – even if it really isn’t!!

This is because, while you are in R.E.M./Dream/Trance (which are 3 words for the same brain state), your critical mind is switched off.

The critical mind is the part of the brain that questions, analyses and can reject ideas without thinking about them properly. It is the risk assessment part of the mind that keeps you safe and it has a negative filter. So, in R.E.M. this part of the mind is actually switched off.

So, this is really INTERESTING! Why? Because, if your critical mind is switched off, whatever you hear as a suggestion at that time, you will believe it. So, this is why hypnotherapist’s put their clients into trance and give them positive suggestions because this positivity is being stored into the clients mind as a new powerful belief!

That is why hypnotherapy works so successfully!

What else do we do while we sleep?

If that wasn’t enough good stuff – the other amazing things that happen while you sleep is that when you get a good quality of sleep and allow your mind to drift down into the relaxed state – the brain performs it’s decluttering functions, but also it’s able to do other beneficial tasks like make repairs, replace cells, heals tissue and recharges the mind and body battery. Good quality sleep is so, so good for us.

We can make sleeping even more productive

I am so fascinated about how we as human beings can utilise the beneficial trance state for our benefit, I have come up with an idea to custom make individual hypnosis audios for my clients to listen to at night, while they sleep.

When you listen to the audio that has been custom made with you in mind every night for a few weeks, you will be more efficient, resourceful and productive.

These custom made audios have been so popular and so beneficial for so many of my clients that I’ve decided to turn it into an actual product!

Make Positive Changes While You Sleep 💤

Testimonial from TED Speaker & Corporate Lawyer Sarah-Nada:

As a corporate finance lawyer, scholar, speaker and coach, words rarely fail me. Yet I have found it difficult to chose the right words that will do justice to the amazing and incredible results I have achieved through listening to Dipti’s custom made audio.

After only one hour consultation where she clearly identified the challenges I was facing and wanted to work with, Dipti sent me my recording within 24h and I was all set!

Two months after listening to the audio every day before going to bed, I can not only feel that my happiness and energy levels have gone up, but also see clear, measurable, tangible results and progress towards the goals I had set myself during our consultation.

My Verdict: A very easy, straightforward and effortless process with incredible results. I am continuing to listen to my audio and am already planning to book my second tailor made audio!

Watch the video

In this video, I explain exactly how I make the audios for you and why they work so well… Enjoy!

To book your session – all you have to do is click the golden button, and I look forward to meeting you online! (If you can’t see the golden button below click here)

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