Belief Change with Hypnosis (4hrs)

Do you feel a repeated sense of Worthlessness? Helplessness? or Hopelessness?

If so, you will benefit from the 4hr intensive Belief Change Session.

WARNING: This session is not for the faint hearted  INTENSITY = HIGH

The 4-Step Belief Change Session as taught by NLP Master Trainer and Hypnotherapist Tim Hallbom is POWERFUL and can also be done online in 4 x 1hr sessions.



Solution Focused Hypnotherapy with Dipti Tait for Effortless Change

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BELIEF CHANGE SESSION with Hypnosis (4hrs)

The Belief Change Session is right for you if you feel:

  • You feel a sense of worthlessness, helplessness or hopelessness
  • Your beliefs are holding you back
  • You have repetitive behaviours that you consider unhealthy
  • You find yourself in the same negative thought spiral
  • You would like to examine your belief system in a safe place

Our belief system is a very useful mechanism because it is the fixed container for our fluid thoughts.

Our brain holds on to the beliefs to grasp the concept of our own identity and the world we inhabit.

Most of the time our beliefs are USEFUL, but sometimes they are NOT!

The BELIEF CHANGE SESSION is POWERFUL  – It’s an intensive 4 hour (half day) one-to-one session.

Take a look at my schedule and book in a time to suit you. It’s a 4hr (half day) session and is £395.

We have a card machine at The Cotswold Practice.


This Belief Change Process has been carefully crafted together by NLP Master Trainer and Hypnotherapist Tim Hallbom.

4-Step Belief Change Process:  Consultation, Eye Accessing Integration, Timeline Therapy, NLP.

The session will end with a 30m Deep Hypnosis Session on a heated couch.

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This is an in person session and cannot be offered online in one go.

If you are interested in doing this Belief Change Process Online – Please get in touch with me directly, and we will be able to schedule you 4 x 1hr weekly sessions.

Send me an email to enquire.

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