Meditation Package: Overcome Obsession

Are obsessional thoughts of jealousy or paranoia taking over your life?

Do you find your thoughts are looping obsessively making your behaviour compulsive?

This programme will help you take control in a safe and natural way, by helping channel your thoughts into a better place.



The ‘Overcome Obsession’ Meditation Programme has been especially formulated with you in mind – so that you can totally relax in the privacy and comfort of your own space.

Hypnotherapy comes delivered to you – to use in your own time.

This 7 Day Meditation Programme has been specifically designed for you to use regularly as you fall asleep at night to help minimise your obsessional thoughts and get rational control over your over-thinking mind.

The audio is specifically designed to help your mind easily relax into sleep at night time and keep your mind in a relaxed state, eliminating any jealousy and paranoia.

You will wake up feeling like you have control over your own mind again, rather than your mind controlling you.

Using this audio regularly will help you stay rational and intellectual with your choices and decisions and channel your thoughts into a positive place.

You will find that your negative thoughts start to turn into positive ones.

Once you buy this Meditation: programme you will receive the following resources:

  • Introduction Welcome Video
  • The ‘Overcome Obsession’ PDF Worksheet
  • The ‘Overcome Obsession’ MP3 File
  • Well Done Video

The resources will be conveniently delivered straight into your inbox to support your Online Hypnotherapy Sessions.

It is as if you are in my hypnotherapy practice with me without leaving your home.

Get all the benefits of real-life Hypnotherapy, Online!


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