Meet Anita, my client who CLEANS IN HER SLEEP!

Meet Anita, My Client Who Cleans In Her Sleep!

Do you like the idea of cleaning in your sleep? On paper it sounds like a fabulous issue to have! Imagine this – You go to sleep with the house a bit of a mess, and wake up in the morning with everything magically put away and cleaned up – as if Mary Poppins and […]

Make Positive Changes While you Sleep 💤

Make Positive Changes While You Sleep 💤

Sleeping can be hugely productive! When you think of the word “Sleep”, you probably think that it is not useful because it’s dead time – nothing going on, so an unproductive state and maybe even a waste of time? If you think that – YOU ARE MISTAKEN! In fact, it is the opposite – Sleeping […]

Try this Hypnosis MP3 for Deep Sleep

Try This Hypnosis Mp3 For Deep Sleep

Go to Sleep Listening to this for 7 nights and you will be surprised at How Deeply you Sleep!   (It Does What it Says on the Tin) THE SECRET TO HOW IT WORKS – “You can’t hypnotise me!” …This is a phrase I hear a lot. I’ll say to those people that they are […]