Meet Anita, my client who CLEANS IN HER SLEEP!


Do you like the idea of cleaning in your sleep? On paper it sounds like a fabulous issue to have! Imagine this – You go to sleep with the house a bit of a mess, and wake up in the morning with everything magically put away and cleaned up – as if Mary Poppins and […]

Make Positive Changes While you Sleep

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Sleeping can be hugely productive! When you think of the word “Sleep”, you probably think that it is not useful because it’s dead time – nothing going on, so an unproductive state and maybe even a waste of time? If you think that – YOU ARE MISTAKEN! In fact, it is the opposite – Sleeping […]

Sadness, Sleep & Self-Care by Sara Bailey

Dream vacation

Some helpful advice for those who are left behind… by Sara Bailey I’m Sara, and I’m a widow. I write about loss as a way to help me heal and to offer hope to others who’ve suffered a loss. I want to help reduce the struggle that many widows and widowers face with some ideas […]

Try this Hypnosis MP3 for Deep Sleep

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Go to Sleep Listening to this for 7 nights and you will be surprised at How Deeply you Sleep!   (It Does What it Says on the Tin) THE SECRET TO HOW IT WORKS – “You can’t hypnotise me!” …This is a phrase I hear a lot. I’ll say to those people that they are […]