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Roommate Phase? 5 Tips to Get Rid of Roommate + Reignite Romance ❤︎

Roommate Phase

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Has Your Relationship Slipped into the Awkward Roommate Phase?

Here are 5 tips to help you to Get Rid of the Roommate Phase and Rekindle the Romance in your Relationship.

What exactly is the ‘roommate phase’ in a relationship?

How To Fix A Boring RelationshipThe roommate phase in a relationship is when things get too comfortable and both of your lives start to feel formulaic and robotic. Routined habits start to set in and you can fall into a rut of eat, sleep, work, repeat.

The fun, spark and joy of the relationship has somehow just fizzled away. It becomes particularly obvious when the sleep part is literally just that, you may be sleeping in the same bed without any of the intimacy, the giggling, the time spent cuddling – you both feel that the romantic honeymoon phase is definitely over.

What causes the roommate phase?

How To Have Fun In A RelationshipIt is easy to slip into this ‘practical’ phase after some time in a relationship – it generally happens subtly and slowly – once we get to know our partner very well and we feel settled and comfortable in the relationship. In fact, it is a normal phase to enter as a relationship progresses.

Although it is normal, this doesn’t necessarily mean it is healthy for a relationship. It is very important to recognise when you have both reached this phase and then to talk it through to bring back some of that fun, spark and joy that connected you together in the first place. You know when it’s got bad when you don’t do the things that used to excite you – like romantic holidays and mini-breaks away, for example.

What problems can it cause within your relationship?

Elephant In The Room - Relationship IssuesIf the roommate phase is allowed to continue for a long time, it can become the elephant in the room – a conversation that you both want to have, but don’t know how to have it.

The longer you leave it, the more awkward it can become. It turns into a bad habit that can lead to boredom with each other, a sense of ground hog day and eventually this can lead to you both drifting apart.

The conversations that you have will become overly practical and serious and you lose the elements of fun and spontaneity that you both once had. It’s very important to recognise this phase as quickly as you can and work out how to reignite that spark before the relationship becomes plutonic.

How can you get out of the roommate phase? Make Time For Each Other

The first step is awareness. Both of you noticing that the spark has dimmed. Once you both acknowledge this and have a conversation about it, you will both probably feel so much better. Perhaps, the clearing of the air will be enough to start the process of relighting your relationship fire again.
There are lots of things you can both do to re-connect in a fun and engaging way, and the first thing to think about is what connected you together in the first place and what sort of activities and things did you both love to do when you first met. Perhaps, a little trip down memory lane to get you both on the same page will be a great inspiration for you to get started with.
Remember, the spark hasn’t completely gone out – because you are reading this blog – and that shows you care about reconnecting – and that means there is hope! The spark has just dimmed a little bit, and it needs some TLC to get it roaring into a nice hot flame.

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Here are 5 Top Tips to Get Rid of Roommate + Reignite Romance

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1) Make Time for Each Other

Make Plans With Each Other

If you have been passing like ships in the night for far too long, start gently by making time and plans to hang out with each other, doing different things. What about cooking a simple candle lit meal together one evening and even getting dressed up, even if you are at home – just to mix things up a bit, or perhaps going on a nice long walk together, in a new place over the weekend.

Spending time together doesn’t have to be filled with costly activities or lavish dates, just some gentle reconnection by doing new and different things together will break the monotony you may have fallen into.

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2) Get Some Couple’s Therapy

Couple'S Therapy With Dipti TaitIf you find that your communication has got a little bit sour and awkward, and you are not sure how to fix it. A few relationship boosting therapy sessions is a good idea to get things off your chest in a sensible way.

Sometimes it’s nice to be able to talk things through with a solution focused professional to get your communication going again, and this commitment to each other says a lot and often helps you both deepen your relationship and understand each other better.

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3) Write Each Other a Love Letter

This may seem like such an old fashioned idea! Who puts pen to paper anymore? What if you both did?Write A Love Letter Taking time to write your beloved an old fashioned love letter is such a lovely way to express yourself, and it’s a beautiful keepsake – like a treasure to be taken out and re-read and enjoyed over and over again.

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4) Make Each Other a Love Song PlaylistMake A Love Song Playlist

A fun way of reconnecting can be through music. Spend some time thinking about all the songs that are special to the both of you and making a digital ‘mixtape’ to remember special times and certain moments or key dates in your relationship can really be a fantastic way to rekindle those sparkly memories and help you reignite the romance and desire for each other again.

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Love Languages

5) Think about each other’s Love Languages

According to Gary Chapman, the five love languages are five different ways of expressing and receiving love: words of affirmation, quality time, receiving gifts, acts of service, and physical touch.

What are YOUR partner’s preferences?

If you make an effort to use their love language for a little while, this can be a really nice way to show each other just how much you love each each other to get the roommate to move out and the romance to move back in!


Remember Why You Fell In Love

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