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BA (Hons) DHP HPD ITEC (Dip)

Dipti And Toby

I’m Dipti Tait…

So, you would like to know a little more about me?

I’m a little Londoner currently living in the Cotswolds.

I started my career working in TV.

I left the BBC to have my children as I realised I couldn’t manage to cope with two 24hr industries simultaneously!
While on my career break, I learnt some valuable life lessons that changed the way I viewed the world, and my own reality.
Both my parents died suddenly from cancer, and as an only child orphaned in my early adulthood, I discovered my own ‘inner parent’.
This is how I began my deep journey into self development and began exploring the inner workings of the human mind.
When my children were at primary school, instead of returning back into the mad world of media, I retrained as a Solution Focused Hypnotherapist and began writing my books.

I am the author of two books about Grief.

Good Grief was released in 2016 and Planet Grief was released in October 2021.
I am lucky to have found my soulmate and life partner Toby who is an amazing film maker (see film below).
My boys have grown into incredibly amazing young adults and keep me grounded and filled with pride.
We also have a grey and white cat called Fluffy.
My mission is to help people navigate life calmly and successfully deal with grief, loss and change.
With awareness and the right practices in place, we can learn how to convert grief into fuel, and more importantly turn our problems into solutions.

I’m a Regular Guest on the Breakfast TV Sofa and BBC Radio.

You can watch my TV appearances here
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I trained at the Clifton Practice in Bristol in 2012 with the founder of Solution Focused Hypnotherapy – David Newton and have been awarded the gold standard of Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy with a DHP* and HPD*.

Since then I have trained with Adam Eason, James Tripp, NLP Masters: Ian McDermott, Robert Dilts and Tim Hallbom.

I am the Author of Good Grief and my second book Planet Grief published by Flint Books, is available to buy now.

You can find me guesting on BBC Radio and the Good Morning Britain and This Morning sofa every so often!

  • Diploma Hypnosis and Psychotherapy
  • Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma
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