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Couples Therapy ➨ #1 Way to ⚡️Reignite Love ❤︎

Heal Your Relationship with Couples Therapy

Emogic Balance - Dipti Tait

Compatible Couples Have Emogic Balance

Your relationship is healthy when there is a good “Emogic Balance" (Emogic is a portmanteau of emotion and logic) There is a nice heart and mind synergy. A solid emotional and logical compatibility with how you feel about each other and life in general - as well as a healthy agreement of the practical aspects of living life in a harmonious way.

Our close relationships are such an important part of our lives and this is why it is very important that we make the time to take care of them and heal any fractures as soon as we become aware of them.

When our significant relationships break down, it is usually down to a lack of communication at the beginning and this often leads to even more distance, sleeping separately, and eventually leading separate lives.

This prolonged unhappiness and resentment will ultimately result in the horrible feeling of drifting apart – and this doesn’t feel good.

This underlying unhappiness can have a detrimental effect on other areas of our lives – such as work and socialising and of course can start to affect the other people in our lives, such as our children and close family members and other friendships. 

If we allow the problems to continue for years and don’t invest our time, energy and money to really address the roots of the communication problems with a skilled professional, this unfortunately causes other issues such as emotional overwhelm, poor concentration, insomnia, serious anxiety disorders, negative behaviours and habits and mild depression.

This is where Couples Therapy can help you to heal your relationship and begin moving forwards together in love and harmony.

You’ll be pleased to hear, that Couples Therapy isn’t as scary and serious as you may think – in fact it is deep but light hearted and exceedingly solution focused.

We don’t often go backwards, like some counselling methods may. We move forwards together harmoniously – this is the system of Solution Focused Therapy.

For more information about Solution Focused Therapy, please visit my FAQ Page.

Together, with a few simple tweaks that I will share with you in your Couples Therapy Programme – your communication issues will be simple to solve and in good time, you will both be able to reignite the spark you still have for each other!

Drifting apart does not necessarily mean the end of a relationship, it can often be the beginning of a deeper understanding of each other.

Exploring the idea of beginning the Couples Therapy Programme will be your First Step towards Healing your Relationship ❤︎

If you are considering Booking your Initial Consultation, I would encourage you both to begin the process by filling in the very short (10 questions) questionnaire below. 

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The first stages of Couples Therapy are rapport building - for us to get to know each other and together we will be identifying the core communication issues you are both having and I will also explain the results of the questionnaire.

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1:1 session at The Cotswold Practice (90 min)


In the second stages of Couples Therapy, we will be looking at simple ways to easily modify your behaviours and language and you will leave the sessions with clearer understandings of how you can both communicate effectively.

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1:1 session at The Cotswold Practice (90 min)


In our third stages of Couples Therapy I will share communication tools and techniques so you can adapt what we discover to heal and re-build your relationship. You will leave with practical solutions to move forward harmoniously.

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1:1 session at The Cotswold Practice (90 min)

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Meet Dipti - Your Therapist

Couples Therapy ➨ #1 Way To ⚡️ Reignite Love ❤︎

Dipti Tait BA (Hons) | ITEC Dip. Level 3 | HPD Level 4 | Diploma Hypnotherapy / Psychotherapy | iMA Practitioner

Dipti is a highly experienced Solution Focused Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist. 
Dipti qualified as a Holistic Therapist in 2004, and Hypnotherapist | Psychotherapist in 2013 and has recently qualified as an iMA Practitioner in 2021.

Dipti runs a very busy Online International Hypnotherapy Practice and also sees Couples for Private and Exclusive 1:1 Therapy Sessions at The Cotswold Practice – her well established and luxury therapy space near Stroud in Gloucestershire.

Dipti is the Author of two books about Grief. Good Grief was published in 2016 and her latest book Planet Grief was published in 2021.

Dipti is a Hypnotherapy and Mental Health Lecturer and is often found on ITV’s Good Morning Britain and This Morning sitting on the Breakfast TV Sofa and is a regular contributor on BBC Radio.

Dipti also has a successful YouTube Channel with over 4.5K subscribers called Dipti the Hypnotherapist with loads of free motivational content for you to watch!

Couples Therapy Dipti Tait

When you begin your Couples Therapy Programme, I will ask you both this simple, yet deeply informative question:

“Do you still love each other?”

If one of you answers no, or both of you answer no – this Couples Therapy Programme may not be appropriate for you – however, it is up to you if you would still like to try it.

If both of you answer yes – this is very encouraging, and we will most definitely be able to work things out together during your Couples Therapy Programme.

It may feel like there isn’t an easy solution to the problems you are both having, but I promise you – there really is.

The question of How Many Sessions is the Couples Therapy Programme will be answered after I meet you both for your Initial Consultation. It is very difficult for me to say until I have spoken with you properly.

The Couples Therapy Programme is completely and uniquely tailored for each couple I work with.

During our time together in your Programme of Couples Therapy, things will get and feel noticeably better, session by session.

Drifting apart does not necessarily mean the end of a relationship, it's often the start of a deeper understanding of each other. 

Couples Therapy is the match that reignites the relationship's spark...