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Grief Therapy With Dipti Tait

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Online Grief Therapy With Dipti Tait

Dipti Tait is the Author of Good Grief & Planet Grief

Dipti has a wealth of clinical experience working with high profile clients and celebrities.

Dipti trained at the Clifton Practice in Bristol in 2012 with the founder of Solution Focused Hypnotherapy – David Newton and has been awarded the Gold Standard of Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy with a DHP and HPD.

Since then Dipti has trained with Adam Eason, Linguistic Master James Tripp, NLP Experts Ian McDermott, Robert Dilts and Tim Hallbom.

Dipti is regularly found sitting on the Breakfast TV sofa and on BBC Radio

Find out how Sharron Davies MBE benefited from Grief Therapy

Planet Grief By Dipti Tait

The Consultation is a 30min Session on Zoom

In the Online Consultation session we will get to know each other a little bit and go through your hopes and needs for your sessions.

In this meeting, I will be able to advise you about tailoring your individual programme to suit you and your needs.

Once you have booked your session, it will be useful to Get Your Emotional Wellbeing Score and that way we will both have your personalised report to work with.

I look forward to hearing from you and working with you.

Much love,

Dipti x

P.S. Remember, you are not alone ❤︎

More Client Testimonials


"As a GP in the NHS, I continue to work with Dipti to help manage my anxiety and build my resilience. She helps me empower myself with her calm and effective techniques. I also really value the protective space of self care."

Grief Therapy
Dr. S Paul
Central London, UK

"What a positive difference 6 sessions of Hypnotherapy with Dipti made! It was like all the old stuff that had held me back for years had never existed! All in the security of my own house too. Highly recommended!"
Grief Therapy
Denise Spragg
Co-owner of Sangha House,
Somerset, UK

"There is no such thing as distance anymore with the internet. The fact that Dipti is approximately 3500 miles away from us means nothing, Dipti’s passion comes through via Zoom as if you were sitting next to her."
Grief Therapy
Tom Staudinger
Manufacturing Manager,
New Jersey - USA


"I have been a totally changed person since I came to see you for Hypnotherapy after 25-30 years of counselling, talking therapies + medication (all of which had no lasting effects.) Thank you so much Dipti."

Grief Therapy
Becky Edmonds
Homeschooling Mum of 3,
Wiltshire, UK

Grief Programme Therapy Packages

Weekly Grief Therapy Online Subscription

One to One Therapy Tailored For You
£ 600 Monthly (4 Sessions)
  • 60min Weekly Therapy Online
  • From the Comfort of your Own Home
  • Free Subscription to Dipti App

Grief Therapy for 6 Weeks Online Sessions

One to One Therapy Tailored For You
£ 1600 One Off Payment
  • 6 x 90min Therapy Sessions Online
  • From the Comfort of your Own Home
  • Free Subscription to Dipti App
  • Access to Online Resources
  • Text Support

Grief Therapy for 6 Weeks at The Cotswold Practice

One to One Therapy Tailored For You
£ 1995 One Off Payment
  • Therapy at The Cotswold Practice
  • Luxury Therapy Room with Heated Couch
  • Free Subscription to Dipti App
  • Signed Copy of Planet Grief
  • Signed Copy of Good Grief
  • Access to Online Resources
  • Text Support