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I understand what it feels like when you think you have nowhere left to turn.

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Please do get in touch with me and book the initial consultation – your first step to healing and wellbeing.

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I work with all my clients in a bespoke way. In the Initial Consultation Session, I will tailor your hypnotherapy programme to suit you – so, let’s get started.

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Online Hypnotherapy

Before booking the Initial Consultation, it will be useful to Get Your Emotional Wellbeing Score and that way we will both have your personalised report to work with.

Book Online Hypnotherapy

The Initial Consultation is a 90 minute Session Online on Zoom.

In our Online Hypnotherapy Initial Consultation session we will go through your hopes for your hypnotherapy sessions and I will be able to tailor your individual programme to suit you.

The further sessions are 60 minutes long and we will generally work together in an 8 week programme.

I look forward to hearing from you and working with you.

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