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Dipti Tait Helping People On The Planet Turn Grief Into Fuel

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Not everyone can have a good friend like Dipti to listen when we need it

Grief is often our companion and through working with Dipti I’ve learnt you can make it something you get used to hanging out with.

Sharron Davies MBE, Olympic Swimmer

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Planet Grief

Redefining Grief for the Real World

(Published by Flint Books) released 21st October 2021
Planet Grief By Dipti Tait Available Now

Grief is not about death, it is part of our everyday lives.

We start grieving change and loss from the moment we are born, as we move through different phases of our existence, we grieve what went before and what is to come.

Grief can be found in joy and is one of the most universal, shared emotions – connecting people across the world in an act of love.

We grieve loss of identity, loss of jobs and homes, the fast pace of technology, loss of truth in an ever-complex world, we grieve our shared ideals, our communities and our planet.

In this surprisingly uplifting book, we discover that by naming and claiming these emotions as grief, we can harness its power to heal and unite us, and to build the resilience and creativity we need to meet an ever-changing world.

Dipti Tait draws on her own experiences and her wealth of professional insights as an acclaimed grief therapist (most recently featured on BBC Asian’s Fresh to Death podcast) as well as interviews with her clients, leaders from the world of tech, death celebrants and even Olympic sports stars like Sharron Davies MBE, to bring a whole new insight into grief and what we can learn from it.