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What is Free Flow Transformation Therapy®?

What is Free Flow Transformation Therapy

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Interestingly enough, we don’t remember the words that come out of our mouth, because we are busy thinking about the next thing we are about to say or listening to what is being said back to us.

So, that’s where I come in with FFTT®.

FFTT® is a system that I have been trialling and developing with all my clients since 2018 – and I have been witness to some magnificent transformations.

Free Flow Transformation Therapy® is a deep listening hypnosis.

FFTT® allows me to hear your solutions and answers that you reveal to me through your conversation with me.

I listen deeply to the words you use, and the way you use them. I hear the structure of your sentences and listen out for repetitive key words and phrases that perhaps keep you stuck and unable to move forward.

I strongly believe our subconscious mind has all the wisdom and the answers we need to be the best version of ourselves.

Let me listen to you speak and I will show you how easy transformation can be with the right mindset shifts.


I’m Dipti Tait and I am the Founder of Free Flow Transformation Therapy® (FFTT®).

It’s the system I have been using for many years that works fast, and quickly removes blocks, obstacles and barriers to allow powerful transformations to take place.

★ YOU Tell Me What YOU Want
★ I Listen Deeply to YOUR Language
★ I Create YOUR Tailored Language Pattern
★ I Get YOU into a Deeply Relaxed State
★ YOUR Relaxed Brain Takes on YOUR Words
★ YOU Take Action – SIMPLE!

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Here are Happy Clients

Dipti's method allows me to relax in less than 10 minutes and go into deep hypnosis for 25 minutes to process my thoughts for the week past and programme my thoughts for the week ahead.

The 54321 wake up process is like a complete weekly renewal of my mind after intense working week online on zoom and clubhouse and twitter etc.

I really do think everyone should experience these transformational sessions.
What Is Free Flow Transformation Therapy®?
Thomas Power
Board Member
A positive mindset is crucial for my lifestyle and after some issues, I felt mine was a bit knocked.

Having someone like Dipti to talk things through was really useful for me.

There were things in my head that were in a bit of a muddle and Dipti helped me sort through it all.

I needed to see a positive pathway forwards and that's what Dipti helped me with the most.
What Is Free Flow Transformation Therapy®?
Sharron Davies MBE
Olympic Swimmer
Dipti Tait Bio Photo
NSDR with Dipti Tait


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