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PR Guru Janet Murray called me a “Media Pundit”

That’s when I knew I had become a PR expert! 

In 2017, Janet Murray invited me on to her podcast to share my PR strategy with her massive audience because I got myself on the ITV breakfast sofa a few times and on BBC Radio a lot and in a lot of newspapers very fast!

Get On Tv And Radio - Dipti Tait - Free Flow Transformation Therapy

I responded to a Tweet & days later I was live on Good Morning Britain

I found myself sitting on the Good Morning Britain sofa this time last week talking to the lovely Kate Garraway and equally lovely Jeremy Kyle days after I replied to a tweet to give my opinion on a subject that I felt strongly about.

All week long, my friends, family and colleagues have been asking me why and how I was picked to get on Good Morning Britain, so I thought I would share what happened after I replied to the tweet, that not only led to a whole six minutes on a live National TV breakfast show debate, but also three BBC Radio interviews afterwards!

It all started with #journorequest on Twitter

For those of you who are unfamiliar with use of hashtags, this link will take you to a good place to read about them.

The hashtag I used on Twitter is called #journorequest. When you scroll through the twitter feed under this hashtag, you will see lots of requests by journalists, bloggers and writers looking for comments from experts.

The journalists or bloggers are also looking for content they can use in articles they are writing or information about a subject they are covering. If you have something to say or can help in anyway, all you have to do is hit reply – and that’s exactly what I did.

Here is the Tweet from Dawn Emery that I replied to:

Get On Tv And Radio - Dipti Tait - Free Flow Transformation Therapy

How do you get a journalist to notice you?

You may be wondering how and what I responded to get Dawn to notice me.

I read through all the responses that Dawn was getting and lots of people were saying that children SHOULD give up their seats on public transport.

I realised that this was NOT what she was looking for.

Dawn was looking for “a mum who strongly believes that children shouldn’t give up their seats for adults on public transport.”

So, I gave her the answer she was looking for and tweeted this reply back:

Of course they shouldn’t!!! Why is an adult more deserving than a child?! Crazy!!!!

Dawn immediately tweeted me back with her email address and asked me to drop her a line.

I emailed her, and she immediately called me back.

Dawn Emery told me she was looking for a spokesperson to debate with an etiquette coach on Good Morning Britain.

The topic of the debate was going to be:

Should children be made to give up their seats for an adult on public transport?

Before I agreed to appear on Live Breakfast TV, I did some research as to who I would be debating with.

I discovered that my ‘opponent’ in the argument did have VERY different views to me, and I was very happy to argue my case against him.

So, that was that, and I agreed to go on, and a few days later we were debating live in front of the nation.

Watch the Good Morning Britain Debate here and find out why Dipti Tait was so shocked by what she heard:

Get On Tv And Radio - Dipti Tait - Free Flow Transformation Therapy

You can also watch the clip here

It was entertaining viewing and this was reflected by the reaction from the tabloids straight after the debate ended.

These are some articles that were written about the debate online:

The Daily Star

The Mirror

Entertainment Daily

But, this story doesn’t end here…

Once the debate was over, my personal social media feeds were going crazy. I had just over 650 notifications across Facebook and Twitter by 9am.

The comment that William made about “Children being LESS important than adults” shocked me. This led me to pursue this angle further.

I wanted to keep the debate alive longer by asking what people thought about what William had said.

BBC Radio Wales and BBC Three Counties Radio called me while I was on the train home.

Both stations booked me to be interviewed the next morning. They also felt they could take this conversation further.

You can listen to the debate on BBC Three Counties Radio here

(Play from 1:09:00 to go straight to the debate)

Get On Tv And Radio - Dipti Tait - Free Flow Transformation Therapy

I was told I was being “Dramatic”!

Jonathon was rather harsh with me, but I think I handled it well. BBC Three Counties Radio is William Hanson’s local radio station, and were perhaps obliged to ‘take his side’.

I was delighted to receive a call from my local BBC Station – BBC Radio Gloucestershire inviting me into the studio the following morning to air my views with Nicky Price.

This was a fabulous PR opportunity for me, as I was introduced properly – not just a “mother of teens”, but as a Solution Focused Hypnotherapist and my business The Cotswold Practice was also given a plug, which was great for me.

Listen to the interview here

Get On Tv And Radio - Dipti Tait - Free Flow Transformation Therapy

So, for me, that was certainly an exciting and great week of PR! …Now, I’m just going to go back to my normal day job of hypnotising people and helping people relax.


About Dipti Tait

Dipti Tait; Mother of two teenagers, Solution Focused Hypnotherapist and Grief Expert works with clients one-to-one from The Cotswold Practice, and has global clients over Skype or Zoom.

She has also written a book called ‘Good Grief‘ that helps her clients understand and cope with any significant change and loss in their lives.

Get On Tv And Radio - Dipti Tait - Free Flow Transformation Therapy

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