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Do this 1 Simple Thing for Law of Attraction to Work for You!

Law of Attraction - Attract Abundance with Dipti Tait

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Do You Believe in the Law of Attraction?

Dipti Tait On Good Morning BritainLast month, I asked on my Facebook and Linked In profiles if anyone would like to do my 30 Day Abundance Challenge with me to see how the Law of Attraction works…

Well, 16 people signed up.

and then, one by one – 13 people dropped out.

Only 3 people (including myself) have continued.

In the Attract Abundance audio, you have to pick one focus word every time you listen to it, and my word was always the same one.

My ‘focus word’ was TV

Then… GUESS WHAT HAPPENED on Day 29?!!!


I was asked to go on Good Morning Britain!

Dick Griffin With Dipti Tait

Coincidence? …I think not!

This stuff is not ‘magic woowoo’, it’s just how the brain works.

With dedicated focused attention and consistency, you get brilliant Law of Attraction results.

I now have solid proof that THIS STUFF WORKS…


I even met Dick Griffin, who used to be the Queen’s personal bodyguard, he told me that Her Majesty would have LOVED my shoes!!

Watch my TV Appearance on Good Morning Britain 🇬🇧

(We were discussing whether children should go to funerals)

Let me know what you think!

If You Want to Attract Abundance In Your Life…


1) Download DIPTI App from App Store | Google Play

2) Reply to let me know once you have Subscribed

3) Begin the 30 Day Abundance Challenge

Give it a go to see what happens for you!

Much Love & Abundance ~ as always,

❤︎ Dipti xxx

P.S: Click the heart for more information about Hypnotherapy ❤︎

NSDR with Dipti Tait


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