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Can Hypnosis Help with Marathon Training and Running?

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Hypnosis helps with running motivation and endurance…

Is your goal to actually run a marathon, but you haven’t even run round the park much?

…Running is one of those activities that feels great once you’ve done it, but if you don’t have the motivation to get the trainers on and start running and continue training, you can very easily talk yourself out of it.

So, this is why I wrote this blog, to help people like you turn the thought of running into a reality, and I don’t mean just running round the block a few times, but get you to a point where you could go from not running much at all to running a marathon in a few weeks.

I know this sounds crazy, especially as I tell you about my client who went from almost nothing to successfully completing an ultra marathon in only 21 days using hypnosis.

So, once we have the motivation in place, we need to keep the mind encouraging the body to keep going. The mental capacity to stay resilient and strong – mind based endurance.

I love this pin on Pinterest – and it’s the basis of how Hypnosis helps with mental resilience and endurance out there – step by step. It’s what you tell yourself that really makes a runner out of you.

Can Hypnosis Help With Marathon Training And Running?


Training the mind to run a marathon

When I got a enquiry about Mind Marathon Training, I was really keen to help. When I realised we only had 21 days to play with, I needed to find a magic wand from somewhere!

Most of the time, I tell my clients that hypnotherapy is not like magic and I don’t have a magic wand.

There is a misconception that if you look into a hypnotist’s eyes, you will fall under the hypnosis spell and in a few minutes all your life wishes will magically and instantly come true.

But, unfortunately, this doesn’t usually happen!

HOWEVER! Keep reading, because there are some extraordinary cases where HYPNOTHERAPY IS LIKE MAGIC!

I will reveal, how with the right goal , the right mindset, and the right therapist in place some VERY magical things can start happening.

I helped my client train her brain to be marathon ready in only 21 days

Three days before the London marathon in April, I received this tweet from Lifestyle Editor from Metro, Ellen Scott:

Can Hypnosis Help With Marathon Training And Running?

I also double checked with her that she didn’t mean the London Marathon, which was happening in 3 days time on 22nd April 2018. (I know hypnotherapy is good, but I wasn’t sure it’s THAT good!)

She confirmed it wasn’t London she was doing, the marathon that she wanted to prepare for was on 10th June in the Cotswolds.

Ellen was hoping to complete the Race to the Tower, a 26.3 mile ultra-marathon traversing up and down some pretty serious Cotswold hills.

She also told me, she had never run a marathon before, didn’t have much running experience under her belt, hadn’t really thought about a training plan and wanted to see if hypnotherapy would help her complete it.

I knew that with the 3 hypnosis principles in place, she would have a pretty good chance.

It was getting tricky, because we hadn’t really been able to begin our online hypnotherapy sessions properly until a month later because her work schedule was crazy busy!

(Being the Lifestyle Editor of a hectic London Newspaper doesn’t give you much time to dedicate to a marathon!)

We had our first online Initial Consultation session over Zoom on 18th May – only 21 days before the event!

By now, time was definitely NOT on our side.

Ellen only had time for TWO online Hypnotherapy Sessions with me

Can Hypnosis Help With Marathon Training And Running?

Because of Ellen’s schedule being crammed full with her own deadlines, we only managed to squeeze in 2 more online hypnosis sessions.

However,  I did give her a bespoke hypnosis audio track that she had to listen to every night as she fell asleep – and THIS was the magic ingredient.

How can someone, who has not really run much in her life, let alone up any hills – with no training schedule up her sleeve and not even have time to schedule in the hypnotherapy sessions complete a 26.3 mile Cotswold (extremely hilly) Ultra-Marathon in only 21 days?

You probably are very sceptical right now, thinking I am making all this up. But, I’m really not!

Hypnotherapy got Ellen through the Race!

Can Hypnosis Help With Marathon Training And Running?

…and it’s because she had the 3 hypnosis principles in place:

There are 3 Hypnosis Strategies for Running:

  • Set a Clear Goal/Intention
  • Understand How the Brain stays Motivated
  • Learn How to get into Self- Induced Trance State

These are the principles I am passionate about teaching, and they are so, so simple to learn!

Read how Ellen successfully completed the Marathon!

If you want to know exactly how this happened, read the article that Ellen wrote:

Can Hypnosis Help With Marathon Training And Running?

Do you want to Work with Dipti online?

Can Hypnosis Help With Marathon Training And Running?If you want to see how Dipti can help you move towards your magical goal – send her an email!

Book your Initial Consultation and if you want Dipti to make you an individually tailored Bespoke Audio – get in touch!

For more info, visit Dipti’s website where you can find some brilliant Hypnosis Packages for you to try out hypnotherapy for yourself at home!

Dipti brings Hypnosis to you, straight to your device.

…It’s just like magic!

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